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Alec started BircherFilms with the goal of helping others with Content Creation and Video Marketing. His passion for storytelling and the love for creating drove him towards starting his own business where he could share his skills as well as help businesses and brands grow through creative videos.


Alec is that kind of guy that has a hard time doing just one job over and over and over for the rest of his life with no change. This is why he looks to develop a unique relationship with all of his clients, so he can exceed their vision and have a ton of fun while doing the job. He is known for his professionalism, creative ideas and ability to pull all the little tiny details together and make it happen.


Raised in Mahtomedi, a small suburb of St. Paul, Alec, has always had a love for watching videos. This love led Alec to continue his education in Minneapolis at the Art Institute International. After dropping out of school after 2 years, he decided to move back to White Bear Lake and started creating videos. In his spare time, you can find Alec golfing , at the gym, or out exploring the Twin Cities with his friends and loved ones.

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