Outdoors Meeting

This step is one of the most important parts of what we do. We wanna sit down or have a virtual meeting to discuss and create the overall concept of the video. Perfect planning will make it so we can figure out how your audience can best be reached. Our team wants to know your full story as well as individuals who normally view your content to best ensure your video does what it is supposed to. We can then better plan out who is needed, what they will be doing, and where everything will take place for the video.  




The production step is where all the little pieces come together and that pre-planning pays off.  Our crew will arrive on-location with the necessary gear and get to work filming and directing the project. Whatever the shoot needs our team will have you covered and make everything fun and simple!  



Editing & Post Production

After the shoot comes the post-production step.  This is where your dream and vision will come to life. Video editing includes several steps to ensure your audience will understand and relate to your message.  The sound track and SFX are HUGE and drive the pace and emotion of the production and can make or break the final product. Editing isn't something you can learn overnight and our team has years of experience with visuals and sound effects that are essential in engaging the viewer and making them feel as if they were there.  One of the finishing steps to editing is color correcting & grading. Matching all the shots from different locations and times will create a continuity and flow of the film. This step can also be tweaked to match the color branding of your business.  All these things are what makes your final dream and vision a reality, from production day, into your final product.  



Digital social media

What’s the point of having an awesome video if nobody gets to enjoy it properly?  This is the step where we distribute the video and make sure you reach the targeted audiences desired.  our team stays on top of all the best ways to market your video as social pages are constantly changing. From working through the process of posting on Facebook/Instagram or Youtube. We will find the best platforms for you and make sure your content is consistent across all of them so your business/brand get the best possible results.